Steel Roll Slitting Machine
The function of this machine is to slit the big coil into strips with specific widths suitable for tube making.

Steel Roll Slitting Machine Feature

Large Diameter Tube Production Plant
For producing the tubes with large diameter of 5", 6", 8" and etc.

Large Diameter Tube Production Plant Feature

Small Diameter Tube Production Plant
For producing the tubes with small diameters of under 4".

Tricathode high speed welding

Multi-Processes Round Tube Polishing Machine
The multistage polishing process is used to attain a better surface brightness.

For Mechanical And Structural Stainless Steel Tubes

For Industrial Stainless Steel Pipes

Introduction to Q & C Equipment
Strict control on production to achieve the perfect quality of products

Eddy Current
Tests if the soldering of the tube is stable or permeated

Hardness Tester
Tests the hardness of the stainless and plates.

Universal Material tester
Testr the resistance strength, lower strength, extension strength and squeeze of the stainless tubes and plates.

Granite sales
Tests the straightness of the stainless tubes, the Arc of the square tube and the arc of the angle steel.

Metallographic Analyzer
Testes the crystallization, crysta lgrain number.