Activeness,Innovation,Service,Quality is the top priority,Customer's satisfaction

  1. To improve the internal procedure control and auditing system positively, and to strengthen the communication and management work.
  2. Make the best efforts to create high value-added products to broaden the service scope.
  3. To provide wide extent services and make sure to fulfill customer's requirement toward the products. Sharing the information with customers.
  4. Promoting the technical skill to higher level continuously. Putting the concept of "quality is the top priority" in practice.
  5. Emphasizing on mutual communication to meet customer's satisfaction perfectly.


Ching Hann was established in 1980 and specialized in the production of stainless tubes, angle bars, and flat bar iron. Ocer the years, Ching Hann has gained considerable production experience and achieved a stable rate of growth. We have always provided high quality, diverse and com-petitive products to meet the customers' needs. Our efforts are directed towards overseas sales, and CNS and ISO 9001 approval are our quality guarantees. We will always strive to meet the customer's demands and work together to create a better future.

Management Concept

Insisting to be the best is our guarantee.

Facing problems and solving problems : To find the solutions of production and marketing with high sincerity.
Operating in honesty, creating company profit : To operate the business and face the suppliers and customers in a reliable way, and to gain the profit of work.
Participating in the research work actively : According the market demand and future tendency to diversify product range and create high value-added products by reinforcing the work of research and invention.


  • Ching-Hann Industries Co., LTd. was established in Dacun Township of changhua County with facilities covering around 3,000 square meters in area and registered capital of NT$5,000,000.00.
  • The Quality Control Department was established and the comprehensive quality management system was implemented.
  • Main products of our company passed the CNS certification.
  • All processes were computerized for total quality control. Information technology was applied in the management.
  • Main products of our company passed ISO 9001 certification.
  • New establishment land about 10 thousand square meters in area was purchased in the Changhua Costal Industrial Park in Lugang.
  • Ching-Hann Industries Co., Ltd. established its presence in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park in Lugang.
  • Ching-Hann Industries Co., Ltd. established its presence in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park in Lugang was complete and mass production officially began.
  • In terms of the fierce competition on domestic and international markets and the demand for high quality, the two establishments of Ching-Hann were consolidated in January of the same year for integrated operation.
  • The Dacun establishment was relocated in the Changhua Coastal Industrial Park in Lugang in May and the 2 plant was established.
  • New machinery equipment was purchased in December to be December to be devoted to the development and products,stainless steel irregular slot / grooved tubes and oval tubes.

Extend Professional Field
ISO 9001 International Organization
CNS Central National Standard
CHING-HANN has established excellent quality products by applying for the approval of ISO 2000